Villaggio Hotel Torre Ruffa ****your bijou on the sea, close to Tropea, to live in total relax the wonderful sea of Capo Vaticano


The Torre Ruffa Village Hotel, four stars, directly on the sea, is located in Capo Vaticano, just 8 km from Tropea on the splendid Costa degli dei (Coast of the Gods).

It is a small Resort on the sea, with a private and equipped beach, consisting of 22 rooms, very special and equipped with all comforts and a splendid terrace overlooking the sea, where the Restaurant "Ristomare Torre Ruffa" is located for breakfast and Dinner, the Bar and the Disco.

It is a no Kids Hotel, for adults and children aged 16 and over, in fact the times and services offered, together with the particularity of the rooms set in a romantic and atmospheric environment, are aimed at adults who want a relaxing holiday, sea and fun in a context devoid of all the habits associated with the presence of children.

It is a very characteristic small village on the sea with the main avenue, its small alleys and a splendid terrace overlooking the sea. 

The hotel rooms are all on the ground floor surrounded by a seascape colored by plants, flowers and trees.

It is a very romantic and relaxing environment in which there is the “My massage” relaxation center and the "Disco Pub Torre Ruffa" on the sea where dance evenings are held a few nights a week.

The ideal place for those who love to spend their holidays feeling free to choose.

Choose to sleep late in the morning and then get up late, because the entrance for breakfast is until 12:30am! And then there are no children playing or crying, so you can sleep!

Choose to have a nice sweet / savory breakfast, which includes a small cold brunch, so you don't need to have lunch, also because otherwise you end up spending the whole holiday at the table eating! And then there is the sea, to enjoy, to experience and go down the ladder of nine steps and you're on the beach!

And then, for those who love the sea, there is nothing more beautiful than having breakfast every day in front of the fantastic spectacle of our sea! The wonderful sea of Capo Vaticano!

Choose the atmosphere and relaxation where you can experience the sea, with a very soft animation that offers only some fitness and yoga activities and then at the same time, if and when you want to access the Roller Club Village which is right next door and choose to have fun in the pool or use the various playgrounds and sports fields, do many activities and see engaging shows in the Amphitheater.

And then choose, with the Half Board formula, to dine in your "Ristomare Torre Ruffa", enjoying the fantastic dishes prepared by our Chef, in front of wonderful sunsets or with the B&B formula, if you have a car, choose to go to dinner every night in a different place, in the area or in the nearby and beautiful Tropea where there are so many restaurants, because then it's nice to know new places and see new people and visit and change and ......

It is an enchanting place very suitable for couples but also for small groups of friends, singles and families with children aged 16 and over who can thus satisfy both their desire for relaxation and the great fun of their children with all the classic activities of animation, sports and entertainment by Roller Club.

Because the Torre Ruffa Village is a jewel on the sea and is truly the best place to conceive your beach holiday together with others, in relaxation, sport and fun always and only at your own pace. 

It's your place on the sea, where to feel good!